At Body XI, we treat each client on an individual basis. Make an appointment with our specialist for a personalized experience from facials & peels, to microdermabrasion & microneedling

Whether you’re looking to erase fine lines and wrinkles or soothe and brighten your skin, we have the available resources to systematically ensure you walk away from your appointment both revitalized and relaxed.



Revitalize & relax from everyday environmental toxins & stresses with this tailored experience. The first step to your customized facial is a consultation from our specialist for an in-depth skin analysis. Skincare products will be selected along with the best path for a restorative treatment.


The Signature Facial features utilization of steam, a double-cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, a masque that fits your skins needs, & a face/décolleté massage. Skincare products will be selected along with the best path for a restorative treatment.

30 Mins. - $45

60 Mins. - $85


Maximize the luminosity of your skin with an advanced treatment for acne, pigmentation, & aging.


This service includes steamed deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, following a mask tailored to your skin. Including LED light therapy and high frequency to produce truly radiant results.



This unparalleled treatment will assist clients with a broad range of skin concerns. The back "facial" targets congestion, acne, dehydrated &/or aged skin.



Restore balanced moisture to your skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, & reinforce your skin’s protective barrier with this therapeutic treatment.


Gentle exfoliation, a hydrating masque, hyaluronic acid serum, & LED light therapy will harmoniously coproduce a fresh & renourished version of you.



This treatment is individually customized to not only deeply cleanse, but enhance repair, & improve the overall appearance of the skin’s tone. 


Integrated techniques of exfoliation, high frequency purification, LED light therapy will be utilized alongside a specialized masque & serum tailored to each client’s needs based on their skin after professional evaluation.