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Wondering what chiropractic treatment means? According to the American Chiropractic Association, a growing list of research studies and reviews demonstrate that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are both safe and effective. Those who choose to utilize traditional medical treatment options vs. the many alternative options now available should understand that sometimes, a combination of the two make for an all-around good treatment plan. Suffering from one or more health issues requires patients to understand all their treatment options, including those provided by a chiropractor.

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    Our Services

    • Full-body Adjustments – extremities included; various chiropractic techniques included such as: Diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT, and Seated Gonstead.
    • Vibrating plate – for neuromuscular re-education of muscles.
    • Flexion-distraction – modality for increased mobility and disc height of lumbar spine.
    • Manual Traction (Y-strap included) – for decompression and increase intervertebral disc height of cervical/full spine.
    • Manual Therapies – such as trigger points, myofascial release, percussion massage (Hypervolt Technology) and active release technique for full muscle-related chief complain relief.
    • Other Soft Tissue Modalities – cupping, blades (Graston technique), TENS Unit and ultrasound.
    • Rehab lower extremities – compression boots to further help circulation and decrease in soreness/tension (Hyperice Normatech Technology).
    • Kinesio Taping (RockTape/PMT) – to assist/stabilize extremities as well as help reduce inflammation, when needed.

    Our package deals provide an excellent choice for all our clients. Regular chiropractic treatment is essential for maintaining optimal performance. For clients who undergo weekly treatment plans or seek chiropractic care for overall well-being and healthy spinal alignment, our packages are an ideal opportunity to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives. Consistency is crucial in chiropractic, and our package options offer just that, along with the flexibility to schedule your appointments according to your needs

    Why choose chiropractic treatment?

    Want more information on why chiropractic treatment options should be considered when you are suffering from certain health conditions? If you are currently living with a condition that is in any way connected to your musculoskeletal system or nervous system, then making an appointment with an experienced chiropractor to find out what they can do for you is highly recommended. Chiropractors offer a drug-free approach to managing health problems, making them one of the more popular choices for pain treatment.

    What exactly does a chiropractor do?

    A chiropractor is a medical professional whose focus is on treating patients experiencing any type of muscle, joint or bone pain. Chiropractic care often involves spinal adjustments to realign the body, as well as soft tissue therapy to relax the muscles. Patients can expect their chiropractor to also provide them with an at-home treatment plan, which will include exercises or stretching that helps them restore any range of motion lost due to their particular health problem. Patients can also expect to receive nutritional advice that will help improve their overall health. Chiropractic services can be used alone or in conjunction with a traditional medical care treatment plan.

    Reasons patients are in need of chiropractic services

    There are many health conditions that can warrant the need for chiropractic services, with the list below containing common ones.

    • They experience many headaches, including migraines
    • They have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis
    • They are experiencing shoulder pain for no apparent reason
    • They are suffering from a repetitive injury
    • They have been diagnosed with sciatica
    • They are suffering from lower back problems
    • They are suffering from neck problems
    • They have been diagnosed with a sports-related injury
    • They have been injured in an auto accident
    • They are experiencing pain directly related to their arthritis diagnosis

    Common types of chiropractic treatments

    There are many different types of chiropractic treatments available. The following is a list of common chiropractic treatments available to those suffering from certain health conditions.

    Spinal adjustments

    A spinal adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation and chiropractic manipulation, is one of the most common treatments that a patient can receive. This type of treatment is especially useful for patients who are experiencing pain in their upper back, neck, shoulders and arms. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. A spinal adjustment allows the spine to be in its proper alignment, which in turn helps reduce pain, increase range of motion and restore proper functioning to the head and neck area.

    Massage therapy

    Massage therapy is a popular treatment option and helps facilitate the natural healing process within the body. It is performed for therapeutic reasons, as it helps to increase the overall effectiveness of any necessary chiropractic adjustments, to minimize any pain experienced in the soft tissues or muscles and to prevent the patient from being diagnosed with future health problems.

    Ultrasound therapy

    Ultrasound therapy is also known as sonography and is a treatment option commonly utilized by chiropractors because this type of therapy offers multiple benefits to the patient. The first benefit is reducing pain, a goal for every patient. The second benefit is that it helps speed up the healing process, with the third benefit being an increase in cell regeneration. The two main types are thermal ultrasound and mechanical ultrasound. A chiropractor will choose which type is optimal for each individual patient.

    Hot therapy, cold therapy

    Hot therapy, also known as heat therapy, is a chiropractic treatment option that helps enlarge blood vessels, with a goal of bringing more blood to a certain area of the body. This, in turn, brings more oxygen to the area, allowing for a more efficient flow of nutrients to the muscles that allow for faster healing time. This type of therapy also decreases pain while increasing overall flexibility when used to treat the back area, allowing for a higher quality of life.

    Cold therapy is also called cryotherapy. This type of chiropractic therapy is used to narrow blood vessels, with a goal of slowing down any blood circulation to a particular area on the body. It is a common treatment option for relieving any spinal pain that a patient is currently experiencing and provides optimal results when used within the first three days of being injured. Cold therapy helps eliminate pain and swelling incurred due to the injury and can also be used to diminish any muscle spasms due to muscle contraction.

    Strengthening exercises, stretching exercises

    Many patients will be given a list of exercises to perform when they are at home as part of their overall chiropractic treatment plan. Some of the more common exercises assigned to patients include progressive rolls, pelvic rotation blocking, lumbar extension, cervical extension, piriformis stretch, cobra exercise, carpal tunnel stretch, pelvic tilt, pectoral stretch, tech neck and pelvic bridge.

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    Ready to make an appointment for chiropractic treatment? Understand that a chiropractor not only treats your current health problems, but they also focus on educating you on how to prevent yourself from being diagnosed with future health problems. The goal is to fully restore your health or at the very least, minimize any of the negative symptoms that come with your health issue. Because a chiropractor focuses on your overall body health and not just the health problem at hand, they will also take the necessary measures to improve the functioning of your body. This supports your ability to experience long-term relief. Call today.

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