Seeing a Chiropractor: One-Time Visit Versus Long-Term Care

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Thinking about making an appointment with a chiropractor and wondering how many visits you will need to undergo? When it comes to how many chiropractic treatments you will need in order to address your particular health problem, it simply depends on the reason you are in need of chiropractic treatment. According to the Mayo Clinic, most people attain maximum improvement in six to 10 visits.

Why choose chiropractic treatment?

Finding out the benefits of using a chiropractor is the first thing you need to do when considering undergoing chiropractic treatment. There are many benefits that come with choosing a chiropractor to address any discomfort and/or pain you are currently experiencing due to your musculoskeletal problem. These benefits include but are not limited to: a reduction or elimination of pain, treating the root of the problem and not the symptom, experiencing a boost to your immune system and avoiding taking any prescription drugs.

One-time visit or long-term care?

The list below includes common types of musculoskeletal problems being treated by a chiropractor nowadays, including an approximate amount of visits one will need to make in order to address the problem. It is important to understand that some people choose to undergo chiropractic care on a regular basis for the rest of their life for preventive reasons.

Back pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is a common reason that someone would make an appointment with an experienced chiropractor. There are many other reasons that someone would experience back pain, including a muscle strain, a ligament sprain and being involved in some type of accident. Back pain can potentially be so severe that it interferes with one’s ability to even move. When it comes to how many chiropractic visits one will need to address their back pain, about 10 visits is considered to be average.

Headaches and migraines

Many people suffer from ongoing headaches or migraines, which can be triggered due to stress, anxiety, poor posture, lack of sleep or low blood sugar. Since there are many reasons, chiropractors will try to determine the exact cause, as this allows them to provide their patients with a better treatment plan. When it comes to how many chiropractic visits one will need to address their headache diagnosis, about six visits is considered to be average.

Sciatica pain

Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is triggered, which causes patients to experience various levels of irritation. The sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and runs through your hips and then down into the legs, which can make it difficult for sufferers to perform everyday activities without being in discomfort and/or pain. When it comes to how many chiropractic visits one will need to address their sciatica diagnosis, about 12 visits is considered to be average.

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