Pinched Nerve Treatments From a Chiropractor

Pinched Nerve Treatment Tampa, FL

Pinched nerve treatment can help restore mobility and relieve aches, pains, and other symptoms of nerve pain. Although a pinched nerve may occur almost anywhere in the body, a chiropractor can help treat it with adjustments and various techniques. The goal is to improve nerve function through a customized treatment plan, helping you get back to living your life.

Pinched nerves explained

According to the Mayo Clinic, a pinched nerve refers to a condition in which the tissues, muscles, tendons, or bones apply too much pressure on a nerve to the point that it causes muscle weakness, numbness or tingling, limited movement, and pain. This may occur as a result of an injury, repetitive movements, or arthritis. A variety of hobbies, anything from knitting to contact sports like football, can also put one at risk of developing a pinched nerve.

While it is possible to pinch any nerve, people are more likely to experience a pinched nerve in certain body parts. For instance, a pinched wrist nerve can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects all parts of the hand except the pinky. It is also possible to pinch the ulnar nerve, causing symptoms to run down the forearm and into the ring and pinky fingers. Other body parts often affected by pinched nerves include the neck, shoulders, upper chest, and back.

Chiropractic pinched nerve treatments

A chiropractor will work to relieve nerve pain by addressing its cause. Thus, the first step will be to find which nerve has become pinched. The chiropractor can then work toward “un-pinching” the nerve via one or more of the following pinched nerve treatments.

Chiropractic adjustments

Whether a pinched nerve is in the wrist or closer to the spine, realigning the spinal cord through chiropractic adjustments can help decompress it. Readjusting the spine sets off a domino effect, essentially readjusting different parts of the body and relieving the pressure on the pinched nerve. The chiropractor can also readjust areas closer to the affected nerve to decompress it, such as using lumbar side posture adjustments to relieve nerve pain in the lower back.

At-home exercises and stretches

Chiropractors typically recommend that patients complete exercises and stretches at home to help decompress the pinched nerve between appointments. They will teach these during the appointment to ensure the patient does them properly. Exercising in poor form or overstretching can do more harm than good, so patients must follow the chiropractor’s instructions.

Posture correction

Poor posture can worsen nerve pain; in some cases, it can cause it. Therefore, a chiropractor may recommend posture correction to help realign the spine and relieve the pinched nerve. This may involve using a posture-correcting pillow as well as specific stretches and exercises designed to strengthen the back and improve posture. Examples include chin tucks and hip flexor stretches, although the chiropractor’s recommendations will vary depending on the location of the pinched nerve.

Get long-term pain relief for a pinched nerve

Nerve pain is not only irritating and painful, but also it can get in the way of doing what you love. It can even make it hard to complete daily tasks, such as opening a jar or carrying groceries. A chiropractor will work to relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve and restore mobility to the affected area. Contact us today to learn more.

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