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Deep tissue massage is one of Body XI's most popular and requested massages. The massage therapist will guide clients through a series of trigger point therapy, accompanied by targeting and digging into the problem areas, offering the most immediate relief. Deep tissue is recommended to aid in recovery after intense training and exercise routines. Patients with any build-up or lack of range of motion in their muscle tissue can also benefit from this treatment.

If you have not received a massage for a long period of time or are a first-time patient, a deep tissue massage session may be what you need to realign and reset your system to perform at its highest functionality. Contact Body XI today at (813) 518-0566 for more information or schedule an appointment.

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    What Is Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage technique that specializes in using increased pressure combined with slow strokes. It works to lengthen and relax deep tissue. Deep tissue massage targets tension, fluid build-up, or tightness in the sub-layer of muscles and fascia, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. It also helps break up scar tissue that forms after an injury.

    Deep tissue massage is largely used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle strains and injuries brought on by sports or intense exercise. It may increase a person’s range of motion and manage pain. It may also be a suitable option to help manage mental health symptoms or severe headaches.

    The Ideal Candidate for Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage is recommended for athletes and other individuals who do intense weight training and exercise and may need an additional recovery source. In addition, patients with high-impact careers, such as manual labor or working with children, may consider deep tissue massage for muscle relief. It is also recommended for people who struggle with chronic pain and stress.

    However, deep tissue massages are often not recommended for those who are pregnant. While there is a case study that deep tissue massage could improve pregnant women’s back and labor pain, the increased pressure can cause prenatal problems and develop blood clots. Children and teenagers should also not receive deep tissue massages as their muscles and surrounding tissues are still developing. Their bones are also more prone to injury and breaking from pressure.

    Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage brings many benefits for several conditions, such as injury, chronic pain, stress, and specific diseases. Some of those conditions are:

    • Arthritis
    • Chronic back pain
    • Chronic constipation
    • Chronic lung disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Sciatica

    In 2014, there was a meta-analysis exploring how deep tissue massage helped reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia. The analysis found that those with fibromyalgia feel beneficial improvement in pain levels within five weeks of massage therapy. They also reported an improvement in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    Deep tissue massage brings both physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other forms of massage, deep tissue massage does not focus solely on relaxation. Its primary focus is to treat muscle pain and improve tissue tension, but it can help the patient mentally unwind and improve coping mechanisms for mental health conditions.

    Potential Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

    While massage sessions are traditionally known to be relaxing and therapeutic, some patients may feel uncomfortable during a deep tissue massage session. When people experience discomfort or pain, their muscles contract in self-protection, preventing the lengthening of tissue during a massage stroke. If their massage therapist particularly targets severe problem areas, the patient may need to ask the massage therapist to lessen pressure when it becomes too painful.

    Deep tissue massage's potential side effects may include pain, swelling, and slight bruising. There are instances when it may cause more serious side effects, such as tears in muscle, tendons, or fascia, strokes, or fractured bones. There is a higher risk of broken bones in patients with cancer, osteoporosis, or other conditions that may make their bones more fragile. When considering receiving deep tissue massage, patients should check with their primary care physician to determine if they can receive treatment, especially if they have a history of:

    • Blood clotting disorder or taking blood clotting medicine
    • Heart conditions
    • Nerve injury
    • Recent surgery or chemotherapy treatment
    • Seizures
    • Wounds or other skin conditions

    Our team at Body XI takes our patients’ medical history seriously and will discuss any risks associated with deep tissue massage. We will do everything we can to minimize negative side effects.

    What to Expect and Aftercare

    During the session, we may ask our patients to lie on their front or side. This position will depend on the targeted massage area. The session will likely start with warming up the muscles with light pressure. The massage therapist will likely then begin massaging the problem area with deep pressure using their hands, arms, and elbows.

    To improve severe muscle tension, people may need to have numerous sessions. In some cases, combining deep tissue massage with other healing techniques, such as light exercise and physical therapy, may be necessary.

    After a deep tissue massage session, it is essential for patients to take care of themselves so their bodies can recover. They should rest and drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins that were released during their treatment session. It is recommended that patients bathe in hot water to relax their muscles and to ice any part of their body that is sore or swollen. They should also stretch and massage any tightness in their muscles.

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    Deep tissue massage therapy is ideal for people experiencing tension or tension following an injury or intense workout. It can also help relieve chronic stress and pain. If you are wondering if you are an ideal candidate or have questions about the treatment, Body XI is here for you. Call us at (813) 518-0566 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does deep tissue massage hurt?

    While there may be some level of discomfort in targeted problem areas, deep tissue massage done properly should not be painful. Patients should hydrate before and after the massage session to help alleviate soreness during the post-massage recovery period. Patients in pain need to communicate with their therapist to ensure they are comfortable and safe during the session.

    Is deep tissue massage safe?

    In some cases, deep tissue massage may not be right for certain patients and pre-existing health conditions. For example, pregnant people should not receive deep tissue massage early in their pregnancy without consulting their primary care physician, as it may create blood clots or cause prenatal complications.

    What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

    Deep tissue massage can aid in the healing process and reduce pain from an injury, relieve stress, and lower resting heart rate and blood pressure. It can also break up scar tissue and improve the patient’s range of motion.

    How often should I receive a deep tissue massage?

    Deep tissue massage frequency depends on the patient and their individual health goals. Patients with injuries may want to receive a massage two or three times a week for a specified period of time. If a patient is undergoing deep tissue massage treatment, they may want to do it less frequently.

    What is the difference between a Swedish and deep tissue massage?

    Swedish massage is typically used for stress relief and relaxation techniques, as well as to help blood circulation and the immune system. Deep tissue massage uses more pressure to target deeper layers of muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia. While deep tissue massage can be used for stress relief, it helps injury recovery and chronic pain management.

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