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Got Your Back Inc. is our nonprofit organization designed to provide Chiropractic Care to the under-insured, financially hard-shipped population throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. We are offering limited free spinal adjustments to those who qualify by appointment only.

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    GYB is a community serving corporation, welcoming people from every culture who seek holistic health-care alternatives or accessible preventive medicine. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to extend, reach, and help communities with low-income or limited resources to have the ability of benefiting from wellness programs and medical management. We provide chiropractic care, soft tissue modalities, and diversified massages, all of those targeted specifically to the chief complaint presented by the person under care. With dedication and commitment, we will support low income/low resourced members of our community to help them achieve greater health and a sense of wellbeing. We will accomplish this by creating a safe space where these patients can receive treatment and pursue reasonable wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

    We believe we are here to make a difference for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. We can make a significant contribution by extending a helpful hand to those in need. Here at Body XI, we Got Your Back!


    We don’t just focus on treatment, we focus on prevention. In our office, we will educate you on best practices such as correct posture throughout your day and what stretches you can incorporate in your daily routine to alleviate pain and aches.


    GYB’s vision is to be an accessible non-profit organization nationally, and even globally. Helping others and providing holistic health-care is what inspires us as chiropractors/medical providers to chose this vocation in the first place. With dedication and commitment, we will thrive by influencing low income/low resourced communities’ well-being. We will accomplish this by creating a space where they can receive, look, and pursue reasonable wellness and a healthy lifestyle. GYB will collaborate, network, and work alongside like-minded organizations that are willing to extend their hand to society. We believe that we are here, on Earth, to make a difference and make a stance for everyone in an equal manner. We believe that we can make a significant contribution by just extending our hands. We got your back!


    Household income is used to determine eligibility for the program. Students are also eligible!

    Household SizeHousehold Income
    1 Person$18,735
    2 Person$25,365
    3 Person$31,995
    4 Person$38,625
    5 Person$45,255
    6 Person$51,885

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