Why It Is Beneficial To See a a Chiropractor for Auto Injury Treatment

Auto Injury Treatment Tampa, FL

Consider seeing a chiropractor if you have recently been in a car accident. These practitioners offer auto injury treatment that is non-invasive and free of prescription drugs, among other benefits. Chiropractors are skilled in treating the pain, loss of mobility, and inflammation that often results from auto injuries. Here is a closer look at how chiropractors approach auto injury treatment.

What is a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are healthcare practitioners that care for patients' neuromusculoskeletal systems, including the nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They work from the philosophy that properly aligned joints and spine improve the entire body's function. They are most commonly associated with treating back and neck pain; however, they can also treat injuries and illnesses affecting other parts of the body.

These practitioners spend four years earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree after completing their undergraduate education. After earning their degree, they must pass a state exam to practice. In their practices, they often approach treatment holistically, offering nutritional and lifestyle counseling to complement their treatments.

Benefits of chiropractic care for auto injury treatment

There are a number of compelling reasons to consider seeing a chiropractor for auto injury treatment. They specialize in treating spine and neck injuries, common in those who have been through an auto accident. In addition to this, chiropractors offer these key advantages:

  • Drug-free pain management. Many times there is significant pain that comes along with an auto injury. This can be frustrating, especially for patients who would rather not rely on potentially addictive prescription drugs. Chiropractic techniques offer many an alternative to pain medication.
  • Non-invasive treatments. Chiropractic care has reduced the need for surgery to treat back pain and other conditions. For those who wish to avoid surgery, chiropractic treatment may be an option.
  • Wholistic approach to care. Chiropractors focus on treating the whole person and the cause of an issue, not just the symptoms. They realize that several factors, including nutritional support, play a role in one's ability to heal.
  • Early intervention. Sometimes people are in an auto accident but do not notice pain from an injury until later. For this reason, it is a good idea to seek a chiropractic evaluation after an auto accident, even if a person seems to be symptom-free. This allows the practitioner to identify injuries and be proactive about treatment.

The treatment process

From whiplash to herniated discs and various soft tissue injuries, Chiropractors apply a range of techniques to ease pain, reduce inflammation and restore range of motion. Treatment starts with a consultation, where the chiropractor will ask the patient about the accident and their injury. Next, the practitioner will do a physical exam and order X-rays to understand the exact nature of the injury to match the patient with the appropriate treatment. Each patient's treatment plan is customized, and a series of treatments usually produce the best outcomes.

See a chiropractor for auto injury treatment

If you have been in an auto accident, it benefits you to see a chiropractor, even if it does not feel like an injury. Sometimes, injuries from car accidents do not manifest symptoms immediately. Our team can provide treatment that is non-invasive and drug-free. Call us today to learn more.

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