Phil K.

 After a car accident, Dr. France helped me immensely! It was great to see him on the professional side. Top-notch, never felt better!

Ed O.

 My time with Dr. France has been truly life changing. I have been in near-constant pain for several years with degenerative spinal disease. Dr. France has given me great relief and I now have extended periods with no pain. I have been able to reduce my pain medication. Dr. France is bright, caring and compassionate, what more can you ask for? 

Dave C.

 A very nice, clean, comfortable suite in West Tampa. I had just returned from a 10 day trip overseas that involved a lot of hiking and was somewhat sore. Dr. Travis’s excellent and welcoming demeanor set the stage for what was a fantastic massage using techniques that I had never experienced but found very relaxing. I’ll definitely be back! 

Warren D.

Visiting Dr. France was my first experience ever with a chiropractor. Even after one visit, my pain was ameliorated. The entire experience, from the front desk to the treatment, was wonderful.

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