Speed Up Recovery With a Trip to a Rehabilitation Chiropractor

Rehabilitation Chiropractor Tampa, FL

If you have experienced a sprain or strain from sports or exercise or you have whiplash from an auto accident, a rehabilitation chiropractor can help.

Getting back on your feet and doing the things you love after being injured can seem daunting. When you experience pain during daily activities, it is hard to imagine having a quick and successful recovery. Visiting a chiropractor can give you hope. Following a chiropractic visit, you will see some improvement almost immediately and steady improvement with each visit. With a customized treatment plan, injuries may heal completely.

Sports injuries

A sports injury can happen to any athlete. It may be caused by malfunctioning equipment, improper form, overuse or by other aggressive players. Some sports injuries come with immediate pain indicating the injury’s occurrence, while others come on gradually and reveal themselves in the form of pain during use or exercise. If a person believes they could have an injury but are not positive, it is important to seek out a chiropractor whocan provide an injury assessment to determine the exact problem.

Injury assessments may include ultrasound imaging, x-ray and CT-scans. After a diagnosis is made, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan featuring a series of appointments, during which adjustments and manipulations will take place. These adjustments will help to:

  • Alleviate nerve and muscle pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore range of motion

Auto accident injuries

The majority of people who have been in a car accident experience some sort of whiplash, neck or back injury from the jerking motion of the vehicle during the wreck. For many, these injuries extend to the hips and limbs. Some physicians may write off these injuries and just provide pain killers to dull the discomfort, but a rehabilitation chiropractor can help you work through the injury. Like with a sports injury assessment, the chiropractor will provide an examination and evaluation of the spine and body to determine the exact location of the injury before they create a treatment plan. The treatment plan will consist of adjustments and stretching techniques to help reduce inflammation, eliminate pain and restore range of motion.

Whole body treatments

Many people believe chiropractors only treat back injuries, but they actually treat the body as a whole with medication-free techniques and natural means to healing. A chiropractor uses their techniques and the body’s natural healing abilities to help return patients to their normal daily activities faster. They will address both mechanical and neurological causes of injury and pain to facilitate healing and to provide preventative means for long-term health and injury prevention.

Visit our office to speed up your recovery

If you have been injured in a car accident or by playing sports or being active and you are frustrated with your recovery time, we can help. Schedule an appointment with our office today to learn more about how you can recover more quickly and get back to doing what you love with a rehabilitation chiropractor.

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