How a Chiropractor Can Help You Regain Movement

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A chiropractor may be able to help restore your range of motion due to an injury or medical condition without the use of surgery or prescription drugs. When your ability to move is impaired, it can stop you from participating in activities you enjoy and even make doing daily tasks difficult. If you have tried other treatments that have not helped or have been told you need surgery or prescription medicine, consider a consultation with a chiropractor first.

What is a chiropractor

A chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner that treats patients' neuromusculoskeletal system by helping them maintain good spinal alignment. These practitioners operate under the belief that proper alignment of the spin improves how the whole body functions. The mainly treat conditions such as back and neck pain with the goal of reducing pain and improving mobility.

They often complement their treatments with nutrition and lifestyle advice and offer an alternative to drugs and surgery. To become a licensed chiropractor, practitioners must complete a four-year program after three years of undergraduate work. They must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and pass a national exam. As with most medical professionals, they must participate in continuing education to stay licensed.

Conditions and injuries that restrict movement

The first step toward treating a range of motion issues is the figure out the cause, which can be anywhere from an injury to an inherited physical condition. Common causes of mobility issues that chiropractors treat include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Stiff muscles
  • Pinched nerves

How treatment from a chiropractor works

A chiropractor will start with a one-on-one consultation with the patient. During this appointment, the practitioner will get a full medical history and do a physical evaluation which may include X-rays. They will ask the patient about the nature of the mobility issues they are having and any accompanying pain. This information will help them develop a flexible and customized treatment plan.

Chiropractic treatments to regain movement

Depending on the patient's needs, there are a few methods the practitioner can use to help improve mobility:

Chiropractic adjustment

Also known as spinal manipulation, this is perhaps the most well-known chiropractic treatment. There are a few different methods practitioner use. However, treatment typically involves having the patient lie down on a special table. Then the practitioner uses hands or special tools to apply a controlled force to the joint to move it just beyond its range of motion. The goal is to reduce pain, improve physical function and range of motion.

Spinal mobilization

Not everyone is a good candidate for spinal manipulations or is comfortable with it. Therefore, these techniques offer a viable alternative. The goals of this treatment are the same as with a chiropractic adjustment. However, the approach is gentler. The chiropractor moves the joining within its normal range of motion.

Every patient's treatment plan will be different and likely involve a series of treatments to achieve the desired results. Practitioners usually take a holistic approach to treatment and advise the patient on lifestyle and nutrition changes and at-home exercises that may help treatment be more effective.

Restoring mobility naturally without drugs or surgery

If a condition or injury is restricting your daily life, we can help. Our practitioners are helping patients restore their mobility through customized treatment plans that do not involve potentially addictive prescription drugs or surgery. Call today to learn how a chiropractor can help you move better.

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